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Our classes are split in to three age categories:




Age 6-11

(Years 1-6)

Age 11-15

(Years 7-11)

Age 16+

In each class you will work at your own pace, covering skills appropriate

to your experience and ability!


Class sizes are kept small so you can maximise time

with the instructor and on the equipment.  

Take a look at what classes we have to offer!


Aerial Silks

A versatile, beautiful but demanding discipline. The silks will make you work hard for each individual skill you unlock - but we think the satisfaction (and not to mention killer instagram content) makes the hard work worth it!

Don't worry - we won't have you dropping from the ceiling during your first lesson! We'll start low, build strength and learn to climb and progress to safely executing  skills at height! 

Aerial Hoop

The Hoop is a fantastic piece of equipment for beginners and more  experienced practitioners alike. 

Hoop can be graceful & fluid or powerful & dynamic, depending  on how you're feeling! 

But beware, whilst hoop may look beautiful - the bruises and callouses you may get from it are far from - but you'll end up being super proud of them! 



At Aerial Dance Academy we teach static trapeze (as opposed to flying!) which we like to think of as a hybrid between the silks and hoop! 

The bar is there for skills like knee hangs and rolls, whilst you can create gravity defying shapes in the ropes!

Trapeze is a brilliant piece of apparatus for those brand new to aerial. The bar's stability helps to build strength and confidence during your first inverts in to the upside down! 


We're proud to teach the Acrobatic Arts syllabus at Aerial Dance Academy.

Their emphasis on strong foundations and progressions ensures that no matter your level or experience you'll be challenged in a safe manner.


Working on strength, flexibility, balance, limbering and tumbling our acro classes are a fantastic complimentary class to any aerialist's development.   


Stretch & Conditioning

We won't lie, aerial can be demanding. Holding your own body weight upside down whilst doing the splits? It's not something you usually do in your day to day life. 

These floor based classes are a mix of strength and flexibility exercises designed to make your time in the air a bit easier!


Aerial Beginners Class

A 6 week course covering the foundations of Aerial Silks, Trapeze and Hoop. 

Giving you a taster of each skill and a head start when you come to one of those classes!


Youth Circus

Can't decide? Want to do it all?! 

This may be the class for you!

These Saturday morning classes are a mixed bag of aerial, circus skills and acro

(oh my!)

They are split in to 3 ages groups 

9.00 - 10.00: Aeronauts (6-7 years) (year 1/2)

10:10 - 11.10: Aces (8-10 years) (year 3-5)

11.20 - 12.20: Aviators (11 - 15 years) (year 6+)

Air Time

Non instructed Self Practice Time!

Time to focus on perfecting skills learnt in class and work on those nemesis moves!

An Instructor will be present during all Air Time sessions - however new skills will not be taught. 

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